Seventh-day Adventist Doctrines: Part 2

divi · September 17, 2020

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Course Designer: Marie-Anne Razafiarivony, PhD

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Course Description

The Seventh-day Adventist Church derives its sense of purpose, its power and its sustainability from the study of the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures (the Bible). Within the Bible are found important fundamental doctrines or principles that are meant to guide every sincere individual towards the truth. This course is an overview of the core doctrines of the Bible. It is hoped that you will discover the implications of these teachings for your own personal life.

There are 28 fundamental doctrines in all. This course introduces the first part and includes 14 doctrines.


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Starting today (right now!) you can have access to the modules of this class.  You can decide when you want to start and to end each module.  It is recommended that you work on one module per week.  As you work through the course, your progress will be automatically saved.


Course Completion

Your course is considered completed once you have covered all the four modules and taken the quiz. You will then earn a Certificate of Achievement for this course.

Assessment Distribution

  • Four quizzes: 40 points (10 points each)
ModuleReadingsInstructional VideoAssessments
The Lord’s Supper
Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
The Gift of Prophecy

Signs of a prophet:
The Communion Service
Quiz 1


Christian Behavior

Marriage and Family
Quiz 2
The Law of God
The Sabbath
Christ’s Ministry in the heavenly sanctuary
The Law of God
The Law of God:
Quiz 3
Second Coming of Christ
Death and Resurrection
Millennium and the End of Sin
The New Earth
Death and Resurrection:

The Millennium
The New Earth:

Second Coming of Jesus:
The New Earth

Quiz 4

Course Content

Part 2

Module 1

  1. Baptism
  2. The Lord’s Supper
  3. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
  4. The Gift of Prophecy

Module 2

  1. Stewardship
  2. Christian Behavior
  3. Marriage and Family

Module 3

  1. The Law of God
  2. The Sabbath
  3. Christ’s Ministry in the heavenly sanctuary

Module 4

  1. Second Coming of Christ
  2. Death and Resurrection
  3. Millennium and the End of Sin
  4. The New Earth

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